Get It Fast™


Our Get It Fast™ package is a priority hassle free solution for removing your criminal record. We will manage the entire process from submitting your expungement application, monitoring and priority courier delivery of your expungement certificate. This package removes an unlimited number of qualifying criminal convictions that meet the criteria. If we find additional case types or additional convictions on your Criminal Record Check that require a different expungement solution, we will detail this in the Expungement Assessment and advise you on how to completely remove your criminal record. Recommended: If you are considering this package, first get started with the standard R1895 package, as you can upgrade to this package at anytime (and only pay the difference).


1 business day to fully prepare your expungement application and submit to the Department of Justice for criminal record removal.

With Get It Fast™, we will take ownership of your application throughout the entire process. The DoJ and CRC will validate, approve and remove your qualifying convictions. The CRC will then issue us with an expungement certificate confirming the criminal convictions removed from your criminal record (expungement). We will courier the expungement certificate to you.

In addition to providing improved logistical and administritive timelines plus door-to-door courier collection and delivery of the required documents, the Department of Justice provides an internal fast track*** process in the following situations which we will submit on your behalf.

Once delivered, the Department of Justice (DoJ) will take 4-6 weeks* to validate and approve the removal of your qualifying convictions. Once approved, the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) will be instructed** to remove your criminal record within 1-2 business days. The CRC will then issue us with an expungement certificate confirming the criminal convictions removed from your criminal record (expungement) which we will then courier to you.

*Excludes the initial processing time by the DoJ to capture and acknowledge your application. **The instruction process can take up to 14 days. ***Best effort service, subject to the review of any supporting documentation and with no guarantees that the DoJ with consider the fast track request. Disclaimer

NOTE: We will first need to evaluate your criminal history before we take on any cases. We will need a scanned copy of criminal report or police clearance certificate. We offer a Starter Pack option which includes a criminal record check if you don't have one. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to obtain a new criminal report after you've completed a once off step of registering your fingerprints on our electronic database (a 10 minute process at over 300 convenient locations nationwide).

Get It Fast™ Criminal Record Removal

Total Cost: R5490

Your criminal record can haunt you for years, even after you've moved on with your life. Employers, landlords, lenders, friends, and family can run a background check on you and discover your criminal record.

Anyone with concerns about a background check being run on them in the near future will want to use our Criminal Record Removal package.

Our Criminal Record Removal package completely removes your old criminal record held by the Criminal Record Centre and other private, personal information from all criminal record check firms (including some of the nation’s largest, such as MIE, EMPS, and AFISwitch) that are used by employers, coworkers, and acquaintances to evaluate your background.

This priority service is a must for those who want to prevent a criminal record from showing up on a background check.

Some benefits include:

  • Have the leading top-rated, experienced firm in South Africa remove your criminal record from the Criminal Record Centre and other private, personal information from all criminal record check companies.

  • Removes the chance that a potential employer will deny you a job because of your criminal record.

  • Removes the chances of friends, family, or coworkers discovering your criminal record.





Confirmation Letter

A signed confirmation letter from us confirming that we are in progress removing your eligible conviction(s). This letter has proven useful in securing employment in the interim.

Criminal Record Removal

Expert preparation and submission of our expungement application to the Department of Justice (DoJ) for Criminal Record Removal approval. We will constantly track the progress of your application with the DoJ and provide periodic feedback.

Expungement Certificate

After we receive approval that your eligible conviction(s) can be removed, we submit a request to the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) to remove your criminal record from the national database. The CRC provide an Certificate of Expungement once complete.

Door-to-Door Courier

Priority Door-to-Door courier collection of any required documents for the expungement application and delivery of your expungement certificate once completed.

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