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Remember to bring a form of identification: South African ID, drivers licence or a passport issued by any country.

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Why do I need my digital fingerprints captured?

A successful expungement application requires a recent criminal report which can only be obtained using your fingerprints. If you do not have a recent criminal report, we offer a Starter Pack option which includes a criminal record check. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to obtain a new criminal report after you've completed the once off step of registering your digital fingerprints on the HURU network.

Good to Know: If you have a recent scanned copy of a previous criminal report or police clearance certificate then it-is-not-required for you to capture your digital fingerprints*. This document can be uploaded in your Dashboard (saving you R395).

*Included in the price of certain specilized expungement cases, we do require a follow-up criminal check towards the end of the expungement process (to show a clear criminal history). This may require you to complete the once off step of capturing your digital fingerprints. Your assigned Case Manager will assist you in the process.
Is it free to capture my digital fingerprints?

Yes, the digital fingerprint capture process is free with no appointment required. When you arrive simply ask to have your digital fingerprints captured. Remember to bring your ID, drivers licence or Passport. Once you have captured your fingerprints there is no obligation to continue.

What happens after I've captured my digital fingerprints?

Once you've captured your digital fingerprints you can login to your Dashboard to purchase a new criminal record check at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Is this a once off process?

Yes, capturing your digital fingerprints is a free once off process. Once captured, all subsequent criminal checks will not require you to have your fingerprints retaken. As an added benefit, if required, you will be able to conduct your own criminal check online at anytime in the future (from anywhere in the world).

Is there any obligation to proceed?

No, there is no obligation to proceed after you've captured your digital fingerprints. If you are considering using our services anytime the future, we recommend that you capture your digital fingerprints for free. This will allow you complete the entire expungement process online (great if you travel abroad or any restrictions due to unexpected lockdowns).

What does a criminal report look like?


What are my rights to privacy?

You are in full control. You can request the removal of your personal information and digital fingerprints from the HURU network at anytime.

There are no locations near me?

HURU are constantly expanding their digital fingerprint network. In the interim we recommend that you obtain a Name Clearance Certificate* (NCC) from your local police station. A NCC is an approved document for expungement purposes. The police station will provide you with a print out report of your criminal history.

Approved fingerprint forms are available for download here or available at the police station. Once you've received your report, send it to us to have it assessed. You will be required to deal directly with SAPS to obtain your criminal report. They charge a nominal fee for this service (R70).
*A Name Clearance Certificate (NCC) differs from a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). A Name Clearance Certificate issued by the Local Criminal Record Centre in your area is quicker, costs less and lists specific illicit activity (E.g. Case Awaiting Trials) required for certain expungement packages. A PCC should only be obtained after you've expunged your criminal record.
Can I do this outside of South Africa?

No, the digital fingerprints network is currently only available in South Africa. If you are not in South Africa we recommend that you courier* a physical set of your fingerprints to AFISwitch. You can have your fingerprints taken** at a police station in your country. Arrange with AFISwitch to email the criminal report to you.

Approved fingerprint forms and indemnity are available for download here: Fingerprint | Indemnity. Once you've received your report, send it to us to have it assessed. You will be required to deal directly with AFISwitch to obtain your criminal report. They charge a nominal fee for this service (R150).
*The courier company will charge you a nominal fee for sending the fingerprints to AFISwitch. **Your local police station in your country may charge a fee for taking your fingerprints. We recommend that you capture 3 sets of fingerprints to avoid the cost of fingerprint retakes and subsequent courier costs.

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